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Video Session

Is this an Office or a Hotel?

I was touring the recently completed offices of Bader Rutter when Larry Engel, another of our visionary clients, made a very interesting comment.  He said that visitors to the new office have been telling him that they didn’t know if the space they were entering, was an office or a hotel.  Now there are times when this kind of confusion might be unwelcome, (Is it a jail or a hotel?), but in this case, we both agreed it was a good thing – this was exactly what we were trying to achieve.  In fact, throughout the design process, the goal was to model the space after a boutique hotel, infusing all of the warmth, comfort, and the vibe that we have come to associate with these places.

This goal was not arbitrary.  Bader Rutter is an extremely innovative and creative ad agency with a particular talent for projecting who they are to their existing and prospective clients and employees.  The “creative cool” of a boutique hotel coupled with the decidedly un-office-like design motif captured perfectly the essence of who they are, what they do, and how they do it.  

So if you find yourself visiting Bader Rutter in Milwaukee, don’t be surprised by the Concierge who greets you warmly at the door and escorts you to the bustling, two-story central café seemingly surrounded by the accouterments of a super hip hotel.  PRA has helped bring another clients’ vision to life.