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Madison Fire Station No. 12Civic / Government

The City of Madison sought a design of exemplary energy and environmental performance.  The new Fire Station No. 12, on the far west side, features ground source heat pumps, a green roof, solar hot water collectors, pervious pavement and rainwater harvesting.  Similar to the prototypical Madison Fire Station No. 11, the program for this station consists of a drive-through apparatus room for six vehicles within a larger 4,500 sq. ft. space.  A watch room is positioned at the front of the space, with views inside the apparatus room and outside across the drive-out apron.  Three officers’ quarters and eight sleeping quarters are served by a day-lit exercise room, kitchen and dining area with a south-facing outdoor terrace.  Additionally, the program includes a 700 sq. ft. community room, prominently located on the northeast corner of the building with its own dedicated public entrance.  Here, visitors can meet for tours of the station, learning more about sustainable design.

Madison Fire Station No. 12 is environmentally responsible in its siting and construction. The site employs drought resistant landscape requiring only collected rainwater and storm-water infiltration strategies, while the building uses 40% recycled materials and nearly 60% regional materials.  Water conserving plumbing fixtures reduce potable water use by 35%, while motion and light level sensors and transom level daylight glazing reduce the demand for over electricity.  The design solution owes much of its expression to energy and environmental efficiency. Prominent sun shade devices lend to the striking articulation of the 13,000 sq. ft. building, while whimsical firefighter “pike” poles carry the deep overhangs of the shallow white “cool” roofs.

Madison Fire Station No. 12 achieved a LEED Platinum rating by the USGBC.  Currently one of only two fire stations in the world to achieve this rating.

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