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Sun Prairie West Side Community Services BuildingCivic / Government

On the fringe of Sun Prairie’s west side, the 54,000 sq. ft. Community Service Building stretches across the agricultural landscape.  This pedestrian-oriented design fosters a sense of civic importance. Its footprint conveys qualities of both permanence and lightness with a planer composition of brick, stone, aluminum, and glass.  The City’s Fire, Police, and Parks Departments and Emergency Medical Services all share the boomerang-shaped facility, which is anchored by a voluminous 5,000 sq. ft. community room.  In addition to office space for each department, a wide range of program elements includes an apparatus room, gear storage, watch room, and day room for the Fire Department, as well as sleeping quarters for the E.M.S. team, and a large sally port and holding rooms for the Police Department.

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