Tampa Bay Rays OfficesCorporate

The team of Carlson Studio | PRA was charged with redesigning the existing 10,000 square foot second floor offices for the Tampa Bay Rays.  Housing Information Technology, Human Resources, and the very important Ticket Sales Department,  the Rays requested that the design be creative and dynamic yet minimally disruptive and compatible with a quick construction schedule.  Working within the existing rated enclosure, The new layout efficiently aligns enclosed offices on either side of an open office environment, affording daylight to all.   A new conferencing area called the Collaboration Burst incorporates formal and informal meeting space near an interactive dining area called the Rays Cafe.  At the hinge point and joining the departments together, The Rays Think Tank is an interactive conference room with smart boards, video conferencing, and display space.  It’s full height adjacent glass walls fully retract to accommodate large group presentations and gatherings.

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