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Jefferson High SchoolEducation

To address the concerns of their aging facility, the School District of Jefferson retained PRA to provide an Educational Master Plan. It became apparent that, coupled with the aging building issues, the building was not conducive for 21st century learning.

A result of the master plan, a two-story academic wing was designed, with access to natural light and appropriate acoustical attenuation. The configuration of this wing supports the educational and curricular requirements of the school. Lack of appropriate athletic facilities led to a new eight-lane pool and a new competition gym. A former gym was converted to library space and is centrally located within the academic wing. The front of the building houses the High School Administration Department and features a secure entrance concept. The existing auditorium was enhanced by renovating the lobby to allow natural light to flow into the space. The project also relocated vehicle drop-off areas and parking, so visitors, students and staff have their own parking areas to enhance traffic flow and increase safety.

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