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Lakeland School of Walworth CountyEducation

The new 109,000 sq. ft., Grade K-12 Lakeland School is a benchmark across the nation specializing in the education of special needs students.  The exterior was designed with a comfortable, welcoming look and non-institutional, warm color selections and sloping roofs. The architectural design and development of Lakeland School is centered on the beauty and teachings provided to us by nature.  The symbolism of the butterfly as it changes from a tiny egg to the lumpy caterpillar into the beautifully sleek winged butterfly ready to soar, is the theme that is represented throughout.  Lakeland School resembles and evokes the learning of early childhood to life after school.  The abundant use of natural light as well as sustainable materials throughout the building, not only provides an environmentally sensitive facility, but also educates students in the creative use of natural materials.  Another notable sustainable feature that provides educational opportunities is the rain garden in the courtyard.

Grade levels are segregated in different sections of the building, and classrooms are designed for a maximum of 12 students. The building can be segmented for after-school use of the aquatic center, gym, stage and therapy spaces.

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