UW Health Union Corners ClinicHealthcare

The new 2-story, 60,000 sq. ft. clinic for UW Health includes space for General Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, lab and imaging services, Urgent Care and a pharmacy. The design of the building supports an efficient flow of patients and staff through an on stage/off stage design in the exam areas. There are two doors to each exam room, one for the patient to enter and one for the staff to use. The staff door leads to a central work area for care providers, with access to medications and support functions.  This design allows the physician and nursing staff to remain in close proximity to the patients while also fostering collaboration and communication among the staff.

The clinic is designed to replace the traditional multi-station check-in counters in each clinic with self service kiosks.  Because of this, sightlines and patient circulation have been designed to simplify wayfinding.  The building is also located along a busy thoroghfare in downtown Madison, thus requiring entrances on opposite sides of the building and a central circulation “spine.”  The project is slated to achieve LEED Certification through the use of local and recycled materials, energy efficiency, irrigation-free landscaping and several other sustainable design techniques.


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