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Beloit Health System Emergency DepartmentHealthcare

Beloit Health System’s increase in patient cases and services, presently 32,000, prompted a need to evaluate their existing Emergency Department to handle the existing volume as well as accommodate future growth.  The emergency department had previously been expanded by 12,000 sq. ft. 20 years ago and provided a total of twelve treatment rooms.  The current layout for the expansion and renovation allows them to treat up to 40,000 patients and contains twenty-six treatment rooms.  The phased improvement project included renovating the entire existing emergency department and an addition for the trauma suite, new 16-slice CT scanner, new digital X-ray room, new ambulance garage to allow for six ambulances to drop-off patients, new decontamination area, an expanded helipad for transporting patients, new drop-off/walk-in canopy and parking lot.  With the increased patient treatment spaces and improved flow for patients, families and staff, the new emergency department allows the staff to provide improved care to their patients in an improved and healing environment.

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