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1522 on the Lake, Resident DInterior Design

This two-story penthouse residence is located within 1522 on the Lake, a 99-unit luxury condominium building on Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee. Formerly residents of a traditional suburban home, the owners sought to design a home that exudes a more contemporary architectural style, including an open plan concept and flexible spaces.

The open plan concept provides a free-flowing design that takes best advantage of the unit’s expansive views of Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee. Minimizing walls, designing sliding glass doors and incorporating double height spaces enhance the open concept style of the space.  Defining adjacent spaces with floor patterning, color selections and varied lighting add to the openness of the plan.

Since flexibility of space was also important, the design includes the option of the media room doubling as a guest bedroom or future master bedroom should age or illness require. A fireplace divides the living and media rooms to provide the privacy needed for a bedroom. Thoughtful attention to architectural detailing and appropriate finish material selection created a uniquely-customized contemporary residence.

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