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Johnson Bank EastInterior Design

When Johnson Bank relocated a new office space in Madison, Wis., the company selected PRA to transform the new 9,200 sq. ft. tenant space into an urban office setting. The result is a fresh and unique design that maintains the image of quality the Johnson name represents.

The challenge of converting a simple box-style suite into an urban office building involved employing three primary design solutions: adding signature elements, showcasing the city’s only International Banking Department and displaying the company’s informal and relaxed corporate culture.

Walls were rotated 45 degrees to break up the typical grid-shaped organization of workstations, creating informal meeting areas that encourage employee collaboration. Angled walls establish quality of presence, and a skewed wall displaying international time-zone clocks showcases the company’s international capabilities. Varied styles and sources of lighting and textiles reinforce the space’s playful energy.

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