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Madison College, Student Achievement CenterInterior Design

Madison College challenged PRA to create a new gateway to the Truax Campus. Our task was to replace the existing building entrance with a new Welcome Center, Student Achievement Center, café and library space. The result is a dynamic 93,000 sq. ft. addition that has quickly become a hub for students, visitors and staff. Its design also establishes a standard for future renovation and/or addition projects throughout the campus.

The new entrance boasts a three-story atrium that exudes an inviting and welcoming presence. A noteworthy feature of the atrium space is a simulated, stone-based waterfall with ribbons of interactive, lit glass that respond to light and sound. Student lounge areas are adjacent to large exterior windows, filling the space with a generous amount of natural light. The lounge areas also incorporate fireplaces to create a more intimate setting. This space is carefully sited near the grand staircase, which leads to the second floor Student Achievement Center and third floor library.

Clear glass walls throughout the Student Achievement Center and library spaces afford views into the atrium. Accents of light blue, green and orange complement Madison College’s blue logo and signage. The main carpets provide a textural-patterned backdrop for these accent colors, and the study rooms also utilize these bold accent colors. Many walls incorporate mark board paint to encourage student collaboration. Brushed aluminum accents employed throughout all of the spaces function as a unifying design element.

These spaces are designed for students to see and be seen, creating a lively and interactive learning environment. The result is a vibrant space on the campus for students to meet, socialize study and learn.

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