Sarasota Memorial Hospital Centergate OfficeSarasota

Seeking office space adjacent to its new Urgent Care Center on Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota Memorial Hospital engaged the team of Carlson Studio PRA to renovate an existing five building complex into a cohesive and functional office environment that supports the hospital’s vision - “To be the best place to be a patient, the best place to work, and the best place to practice medicine.”  This was a fast-tracked project where design began in late-March 2014, and multiple sets of permit drawings were completed and approved concurrently by Sarasota County in late May.  Construction of the project was completed within budget and ahead of schedule for phased occupancy beginning in early September 2014.  Not only did the project have an aggressive schedule, but portions of the complex were already occupied by other tenants during the phased move-in by Sarasota Memorial Hospital personnel.  Minimizing disruption to these existing facility tenants was of utmost importance during construction.  Likewise, as portions of the phased project became operational, continued work on final build-outs could not disrupt newly operational departments. 

The project includes complete demolition of interior walls and finishes, construction and reconstruction of fire-rated walls, structural reinforcement of roof structure, verification of program and a new design layout to transform the varied buildings into functional and cost effective office and meeting space layouts.  Providing accounting, payroll, legal and IT services, the offices required comprehensive security systems throughout.  The team also incorporated completely new mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades in each building.  Employing cool daylighting strategies with access to natural light wherever possible, large teaming and focused work environments, optimal indoor air quality and water efficiency, the new campus fosters productivity, efficiency and satisfaction in a sustainably responsible environment.

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