Michael Bahr

AIA | Client Relations

Michael knew he wanted to be an architect since he was seven years old. Lego’s, Lincoln Logs, and a home expansion influenced his interest.  When he was 14, he and a friend designed a pivotal project, “The Dungeon of Doom,” which was a haunted house they built in the family basement to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. The effort was advertised throughout the community, and it caught the attention of the local fire department, who requested an emergency inspection. They concluded that it was structurally sound and safe, but because of its size and elaborate design Michael should have obtained a construction permit. The department and Michael worked to resolve the issues and allowed the operation to continue throughout Halloween – Michael’s first variance!  His excitement for helping others through architecture grew into a passion that stayed with him for more than three decades of professional service.

Come, gone and back again!  From 1999-2014, Michael was a Project Architect and then Project Manager at PRA, designing notable libraries, fire stations, police stations, churches, college spaces, and other developments across Wisconsin. In 2019, he returned in a slightly different role, as the Director of Client Relations, to lead marketing and business development efforts firm-wide and was shortly named an Associate.  He is driven by the possibility of what PRA can be, and how that may affect client outcomes.  Michael has published on a variety of industry issues, presented at conferences, and is always researching ideas that may help clients.  Having a bird’s eye view of the industry, he is excited to face the challenge of expanding PRA’s services to new clients who are seeking guidance for their facilities.  He believes the purpose of architecture is to help people and support operational initiatives, whether that is creating a home, designing innovative educational environments, developing spaces to cultivate company culture and growth, or providing safe spiritual spaces. He is motivated by identifying client’s needs and connecting with people to help them achieve their goals.

As Director of Client Relations, Michael holds a variety of responsibilities including forming the image and brand of PRA, business development, creating collateral materials for pursuits, developing an online presence, and overseeing the marketing initiatives of every studio. He views marketing as an ever-changing puzzle. Every client and initiative requires a different lens to communicate the essence of what PRA does succinctly and effectively. He is inspired by this challenge of developing a different voice, explanation, or graphic that may resonate with each client. 

Making new connections and exchanging ideas energizes Michael, and he enjoys developing relationships with new clients and fostering relationships with old friends. Michael strives to build strong connections and continuously bring value to everyone he meets.  Reach out and connect!

American Institute of Architects (AIA) (AIA WI, Milwaukee)
Real Professionals Network (RPN) (Milwaukee Masterminds Chapter)

iMotions Certificate in the use of Biosensors for Human Behavior Research. #13386833, January 2017
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Small UAS (Part 107) Remote Pilot Certificate, #4677439, June 2022

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Bachelor of Science in Architecture – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee