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PRA’s Notable Women in Construction and Design

BizTime's Notable Women in Construction and Design

We are excited, and proud to announce that three of our leaders, Erin Ankebrant, Mary Spriggs, and Renee Moe have been recognized in the inaugural Notable Women in Construction and Design Series, developed by the Milwaukee BizTimes. These three phenomenal women have devoted their careers towards outstanding client service, as well as towards the personal goals of many within their own design and personal communities.

These women are deeply involved in not only expanding their own knowledge but are also invested in doing the same for others.  Erin, Renee, and Mary are all mentors at PRA and work to help others improve their skills and gain a foothold in the professional world. Mary has helped over 100 students gain CSI Certification.  Renee participates in the firm’s BIM Standard Committee to improve the technical aspects of all PRA projects. Erin trains staff in the financial aspects of projects in preparation for sitting for the Architectural Registration Exam. And all three also give back to their communities as members of various organizations.

Congratulations to these amazing women!  Click here and spin to page 38 to see the article at Milwaukee Biztimes and to learn more about these three accomplished women, as well as learn about the other outstanding women being recognized. 

Thank you Renee, Erin, and Mary, for your service to your clients, to PRA, and for all you do!