Andy Reed

Associate AIA | Corporate

When you think about architecture, people tend to envision a beautiful building in its final form. What people do not commonly think about are the many construction, aesthetic, and functional details that make a structure possible. Andy Reed is the person that dives into the details (data, measurements, specifications, etc.). He meticulously combs through construction documents, assesses buildings on-site visits, and verifies specifications to ensure that buildings are constructible, and his clients receive their vision. When Andy first started on the production side, it was uncharted waters for him, but today he is a veteran Production Executive thriving from the challenges and unique situations he faces on new buildings and in existing buildings.

Andy has 20 years of experience and is an Associate and Production Executive at PRA. He is unique to the firm as he oversees the production of projects across all studios. His responsibilities include working with Partners on staffing and project related tasks, document redlines to maintain quality control of the drawings, writing specifications, construction administration, client coordination, site visits, and producing construction documents. He describes working with clients as a big family. He understands that designing and constructing a building is large responsibility and undertaking, and throughout the process, he comes to personally know who his clients are as they collaborate, overcome challenges, and create a vision together.

One word to describe Andy is a mentor. He has a long history of mentorship from teaching lower grades in high school drafting to working as an assistant varsity baseball coach for seven years. He has always had a passion for helping those grow into their craft, and that is no different at PRA. Andy makes it his mission every day to be a leader and help younger staff learn new skills, abilities, and ideas through facilitating and organizing multiple learning opportunities and training workshops. He finds it inspiring and rewarding to witness them grow into their careers and become accomplished professionals.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) (AIA WI, Southwest)

Associates Degree in Architectural Design – Madison Area Technical College