Interior Architecture

PRA Interior Architecture: More than Typical Interior Design

Clients Say

“We have enjoyed working the team and were excited to see the whole project come to fruition. Very sensitive to our needs, budget etc.

Barb Sawyer
Office Manager
AE Business Solutions

“Our designers listened. They were very creative and easy to work with. They came back with some ideas that just blew us away.”

Rich Meeusen
Former CEO
Badger Meter

Holistic design is a core tenet of our philosophy at PRA, becoming evident when we strive to blend interior design and exterior design into a unified expression of the client’s vision.  New buildings benefit from our close integration of what many refer to as “building design” (or “architectural design”) and “interior architecture” (or “interior design”) resulting in our most impactful projects.

But new buildings aren’t all we do at PRA; we are often asked to study, plan, repurpose, or enhance existing interiors.

This is when the PRA Interior Architecture Studio steps forward to illuminate the path to our client’s visions.


Interior architecture is often thought of as only the selection of the color palette or materials used within a building. It includes that, of course.  But it also includes the often complex integration of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, the sculpting of space to best serve its purpose, and the manipulation of light, color, textures, and views to enhance the user experience.   Interior architecture services may also include the unique design of environmental graphics and interior branding, or the selection and procurement of furniture, special fixtures, and even art! And when the canvass is an existing space, it takes special skill to assemble all of these disparate items into a harmonious environment.  Our growing list of projects recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) attests to the talents of our team.


Our process begins as a fact-finding mission, closely integrating our design team with yours to understand the spaces available and the goals of the project.  It is composed of innovative “immersive design” techniques to gather information including one-on-one and group interviews, day-in-the-life shadowing, road tours to noteworthy projects, design seminars sharing lessons learned, visioning sessions, interactive puzzle play, and other collaborative workshops.  Only after this in-depth study can we combine our design experience with that of other consultants to begin creating the three-dimensional form.  At each meeting, another layer of detail is added revealing new aspects of the concept with state-of-the-art visualization tools and material samples to convey exactly how we are imagining the project we are creating together.   

Whether you are a corporate tenant thinking about moving your offices, a multifamily residential developer hoping to refresh the public spaces of an apartment building, or a contractor working on a church interior remodeling, we can help.  But we can also apply our experience to numerous other needs you may have, such as facility assessments, master planning, environmental graphics, finishes review, branding, furniture and accessories, and the creation of material standards.


All of these services are led by the three leaders in our Interior Architecture Studio –Michael Sobczak, Linda Moses, and Michael Brush.  Each of these leaders personally works with clients from the very first meeting to the completion of the project, supported by a staff of experienced architects and interior designers, many of whom have two to three decades of experience as well, and each of which has been recognized by peers in ASID and IIDA with numerous design awards. We invite you to follow the links on this page to learn more about our experience helping transform interiors around the country, or better yet, contact Michael, Linda, or Michael to learn more about what PRA can do with you!