PRA Sarasota Design Office

Where the sun shines year round, our Sarasota Design Office always has bright ideas. Established in 2012, this multi-faceted office has hands in a myriad of project types. Wearing many hats, the Florida team pushes the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and what it means to work with clients. They are relentless in their efforts to fulfill their client’s visions and improve their community. As natural philanthropists, they are dedicated to making a positive difference either through the built environment or donating their time.

Attuned with its nickname, The Circus City, our Sarasota Design Office is filled with diverse talents. From balancing client needs to skillfully juggling projects, the team strives for design excellence. They tactfully walk the tight rope to ensure the client’s vision is achieved.

The Sarasota Office is under the direction of PRA partner John J. Holz. John and his team have a strong presence in the greater Tampa/Sarasota area by investing time into community engagement/outreach and designing spaces unique to the local area.