PRA Madison Design Office

Nestled between two lakes, our Madison office is located in one of the two biggest U.S cities built on an isthmus. Just like the water of Lake Mendota and Monona, the Madison office is ever ebbing and flowing, adjusting to client needs. As a city entrenched in education, research, and technology, our Madison office embraces these qualities in every project they approach.

The City of Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the largest higher education provider in the state, the State Capitol building that hosts 43 different stones, an abundance of high-tech companies, and the world’s largest brat fest. Just like the city where we reside, our Madison Office is adept in catering to the diverse needs of clients. First established in 1998, our this office has seen the many changes in the city and had a hand in shaping its shores. From residential high rises to local grocery stores, they are committed to providing modern solutions to today’s structural challenges.

Led by Steve Kieckhafer, this team closely collaborates with clients, key stakeholders, and communities to understand their wants and needs to achieve their vision and facility goals.