PRA Madison Design Office

Nestled between two lakes, our Madison office is located in one of the two biggest U.S cities built on an isthmus. Just like the water of Lake Mendota and Monona, the Madison office is ever ebbing and flowing, adjusting to client needs.

The City of Madison is known for a variety of things from the state’s largest higher education provider, the University of Wisconsin – Madison, to the abundance of high-tech companies, to hosting the world’s largest brat fest every year. Madison is brimming with promise and opportunities to help clients and make a positive difference, which is why, in 1998, we established our Madison Office.

Since 1998, this office has seen many changes in the city and has had a hand in shaping its shores and beyond. From the reaches of Marathon School District to across the street at Madison Fire Station No. 11 and from residential high rises to local grocery stores, PRA Madison consistently adapts to the unique needs of each client, working tirelessly to fulfill their visions and aspirations.

As a city entrenched in education, research, and technology, our Madison office embraces these qualities in every project they approach. Driven by an unwavering dedication to achieving design excellence, they seek out innovative design solutions to design spaces that overcome clients’ daily challenges and bring ease and efficiency to their daily routines. Our Madison architects breathe life into spaces to not only inspire and uplift, but also strengthen the fabrics of communities those spaces reside in by creating environments people want to be in. The goal after every project is to provide solutions that will last generations to come.

Led by Steve Kieckhafer, this team closely collaborates with clients, key stakeholders, and communities to understand their wants and needs to achieve their vision and facility goals.