Michael Brush

AIA | Design, Corporate

“Making safe and durable buildings is a very important part of architecture, but to me it is more than that. It is also about improving lives through design and advancing the art of architecture.”

When Michael was old enough to understand what architecture was, he immediately knew it was his calling. Growing up he would ask his parents endless questions about the structures and buildings he saw. He was struck with a moment of realization when his parents explained the concept of architecture to him, and he knew that would be his future career. With now over 35 years in the profession, he has amassed both national and international design experience throughout his career. 

In 2002, Michael joined PRA because he wanted to apply his skills to help PRA transition into a new design era. Currently, Michael is a Senior Designer and Partner in the Corporate Studio, where his responsibilities vary for each project he takes on. As a Partner in Charge, he is active throughout the entire project from conceptual design to construction, but as a Project Manager, he is responsible for overseeing the architectural process as it shifts between each stage.  

Out of all the tasks in the process, he most enjoys the opportunity to apply his design sensibilities to create buildings, spaces, and elements both inside and out. Michael is always looking to create the perfect solution for his clients, so he grabs inspiration from multiple sources. From traveling and living abroad, studying great design of all kinds, to just walking down the street, he is constantly observing his surroundings to gather inspiration for his next design. But his main source of inspiration originates from his clients. He is inspired by the opportunity to be their conduit by taking their thoughts, concerns, or problems and transforming them into a physical environment that exceeds their expectations through thoughtful design and innovative solutions.

Michael believes that being an architect comes with large responsibilities. Architects have the responsibility to create safe and functioning buildings, but also design projects that will improve the lives of people. The structures Michael creates have a lasting impact in the world, so he takes care to ensure his designs fulfill the dreams of his clients, while also bettering the community the structure resides in.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) (AIA WI, Milwaukee)
Real Professionals Network (RPN) (Milwaukee Masterminds Chapter)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture – University of Minnesota