Multifamily Design

Multifamily Design:  Creating Communities for Living

Clients Say

PRA’s team is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. Their communication is outstanding. I appreciate working with them, they always have a very positive and upbeat attitude.

Craig Enzenroth
The Gallina Companies

Access to quality multifamily rental housing is an important component of thriving urban centers, suburban communities, and small towns across the country.  At PRA, we’re passionate about helping clients provide quality housing while maximizing their investment through innovative yet cost-effective planning, market-differentiating design and building amenities, and construction details to maximize the life expectancy and durability of the building.  We’re also dedicated to the building occupants, creating warm, inviting, and cleverly designed spaces designed for living, entertaining, and community building.

To serve both owners and tenants it is crucial for architects and developers to find creative solutions for providing living and community spaces in the most efficient way possible, minimizing the cost of the building and thus the rent their tenants will be required to pay.  PRA’s experience with both high-rise and wood-framed structures ensures clients are getting the best guidance with site optimization, structural and envelope options, options for planning the spaces and systems in the building, and exterior and interior material choices and aesthetics.

Unique Markets Yields Unique Projects

We approach each project as a fact-finding mission, closely integrating our design team with the development team to discuss the project pro forma, goals for the project, past experiences, and challenges that are likely to be met along the way.  Our team helps unravel the choices facing our clients with a myriad of tools, including road tours, lessons learned, visioning sessions, bench-marking, market analysis, puzzle play, and collaborative working sessions.  Only after thoroughly examining the project from multiple angles can we combine our architectural and interior design experience with that of other consultants working on the project to begin creating the three-dimensional form.  In each meeting, another layer of detail is revealed using state-of-the-art visualization tools and material samples to convey exactly what we are creating.

In the end, we might help you create a new mixed-use urban high-rise, or help you with a conversion of an existing building, or together we may design a wood-framed mid-rise community, but we can also apply our experience to other needs you may have, such as facility assessments,  master planning, sustainability consulting, branding and the specification and procurement of furniture and art.


The Multifamily Residential Design team is led by Gregg Golden, a leader with over 30 years of experience with residential construction.  He is supported by an equally dedicated staff of architects and interior designers who also specialize in residential architecture and interior design.  We invite you to follow the links on this page to learn more about our experience in designing multi-family communities, or better yet, contact Gregg to learn more about what PRA can do for you!