PRA Austin Design Office

PRA Austin Architecture: From Wisconsin to Buda, Texas

Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, arrived in the Austin area in 2021 to contribute to the mix of Austin Architects helping clients resolve building needs in new and innovative ways.  The official PRA Austin Design office is co-located in the offices of Practice Design Group (PDG) in Buda, Texas.

PDG is a strategic partner of PRA.  Together, we’ve been helping evolve evidenced-based design and construction of dental offices throughout the nation.  The PDG offices are the temporary headquarters for the PRA Austin Design Office while we grow our presence in the Austin architectural design and building community.

Austin Architecture Contributes to Change

We evaluated the local business environment of many Texas cities prior to selecting the Austin area as PRA’s next design office.  There were many areas we evaluated and marked for future consideration. We kept returning to the Austin area for a variety of reasons.

Austin attracted us with:

  • A Thriving Architectural and Design Community:  The Austin architecture and design scene aligns with our firm’s commitment to innovative and forward-thinking design solutions. By immersing ourselves in this vibrant community, we can actively contribute to the city’s evolving skyline and collaborate with like-minded clients
  • Collaborative and Entrepreneurial Culture: The reputation of Austin as a hub for entrepreneurship and creativity resonates with our own values as a design firm. This cultural alignment is useful to push creating exceptional design outcomes.  We believe that establishing our presence in a city renowned for its vibrant arts and culture scene will help us to engage with a diverse range of creative professionals and contribute to our growth and ability to help clients.
  • Networking and Professional Development: Austin offers a robust professional network, including architecture firms, industry organizations, and academic institutions. By establishing our new office in Austin, we gain access to valuable networking opportunities and resources that can enhance the professional growth of our staff and remain at the forefront of advancements in the design and building community, for the benefit of our clients.


As one of the fastest-growing economies, the Austin area is rich with opportunities for forward-looking professionals.  We believe that the architecture and building design industry is evolving, led by the efforts of Austin Architects, Engineers, and Builders.  We hope to contribute in our own way and learn from others, and work together to help make the world a better place through design. 

Our work in Texas is just beginning, and we are ready to start helping clients today. Contact Steve Kieckhafer or Michael Brush to discuss your building needs.