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When engaged in projects, the greatest satisfaction lies in delivering practical and visually pleasing solutions to our clients that align with their vision and needs. Our mission is to enhance their lives by enhancing their spaces, so it’s truly gratifying when our joint endeavors with clients are acknowledged by our peers through awards. This year at the 2024 ASID Wisconsin’s Design Excellence Awards Gala our collaborative teams were recognized for FIVE ASID Awards:

  • Pepsi Office Awarded Gold
  • West Edge Apartments Awarded Gold
  • Lincoln High School in Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools Awarded Gold
  • Sauk Prairie High School in Sauk Prairie School District Awarded Bronze
  • Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Awarded Bronze

Congratulations to our clients and design team on these recognitions!

Pepsi-Cola Office Wins a GOLD ASID Wisconsin Design Excellence Award!

The design team worked closely with the client to create new spaces that would encourage staff to adopt new ways of working and encourage teaming while providing an atmosphere that celebrates their history working with Pepsi and embracing their own endeavors in the beverage market. The new office spaces feature central collaboration zones surrounded by private offices, along with amenities like conference rooms, huddle rooms, and copy areas. Embracing the warehouse history, the design includes polished concrete floors, metal ceilings, and large glass windows reminiscent of factory windows, softened by area rugs and mid-century modern furnishings. Environmental graphics showcase vintage Pepsi branding, while beverage areas are stocked with a variety of Pepsi and WP products.   

The West Edge Apartments Wins a GOLD ASID Wisconsin Design Excellence Award!

The design of The West Edge blends the distinction between an apartment complex and a trendy boutique hotel, featuring bold elements like triangular apartments and a Fender-flamed maple guitar motif. Inside, the lobby showcases commissioned rock and roll portraits and a metallic blue motorcycle, while each floor exudes a rock star vibe with colorful portraits, vibrant carpets, and brass-accented apartment entrances. Inspired by iconic rock and roll culture, the property aims to embody the free spirit, cool vibe, and essence of a bygone era, offering residents an experience reminiscent of legendary music scenes and personalities.

Lincoln High School in Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools Wins a GOLD ASID Wisconsin Design Excellence Award!

Through interviews with key stakeholders, an innovative design approach led to the creation of collaborative spaces, a café, fireplace lounge, and community room, all designed with flexible furniture to cater to diverse learning needs. The expansion not only addressed functional needs but also improved wayfinding, security, and branding throughout the school. By integrating elements of the school’s branding and showcasing former standout students, the project not only revitalized the physical space but also fostered a sense of pride and inspiration among current and future students.

Sauk Prairie High School in Sauk Prairie School District Wins a BRONZE ASID Wisconsin Design Excellence Award!

The redesigned entryway at Sauk Prairie High School creates a bold statement with its soaring two-story structure inspired by eagles’ wingspans while flooding the space with warm sunlight. Transforming the old theater into The Commons, an open collaborative hub, enhances vibrancy, with corridors flooded with natural light and vibrant school colors fostering a dynamic learning environment. Thoughtful environmental graphics, including a captivating Legacy Wall, enrich the educational experience, reflecting the school’s history and brand while preparing students for leadership roles.

Suncoast Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Wins a BRONZE ASID Wisconsin Design Excellence Award!

The design aimed to integrate various services into a single orthopaedic clinic, utilizing easily identifiable pod clusters, each comprising three exam rooms surrounding a central staff workstation to facilitate team interaction with patients, enhanced by centralized digital wall coverings for wayfinding, featuring bright accent colors against a neutral palette and ample natural light.

Thank you to the Judges of this 2024 ASID Wisconsin Awards, our design partners, and the contractors. A special thank you to our clients who have entrusted us with their vision, and congratulations on the recognition the ASID Award brings to your project!