Hospitality Design

Hospitality Design:  The business of leisure and enjoyment

Clients Say

Looking forward to a World Class project lead by this team.”

Richard Senk
General Superintendent
Gilbane Building Company

“We’ve been most impressed with PRA’s follow up and attention to detail. You have done a great job communicating and working with our in-house team, listening to our concerns and ideas, and reflecting those in a cohesive and coherent plan.”

Melanie Lenz
Chief Development Officer
Tampa Bay Rays

Hospitality design is at the core of many things we do at PRA. Normally associated with lodging, food and beverage, travel and tourism, entertainment and recreation, and meetings and events, to us hospitality design is really the art of enriching lives through memorable, carefully curated experiences.  The components of hospitality design are part of the “secret” behind the warm and welcoming and enriching spaces we strive to create every day, regardless of the building being designed.

The hospitality industry includes a list of clients as diverse as restaurants, hotels, and baseball stadiums.  Each requires a unique knowledge of what they need to succeed; sometimes it’s about ambiance, other times it’s about tranquility, and sometimes it’s about creating operational efficiencies to make the client/staff interaction as seamless as possible.  Unlike a clinic or a corporate headquarters, clients that require hospitality design services often have just one chance to impress and a short period to do it.

Individuality Makes the Place

Each client has unique requirements, such as hotel design guidelines, brand standards and flexibility, and scheduling challenges.  We approach each project as a fact-finding mission, closely integrating our design team with yours to discuss goals for the project, past experiences, and challenges that are likely to be met along the way.  Our team helps unravel the choices facing our clients with a myriad of tools, including road tours, lessons learned, visioning sessions, puzzle play, and collaborative working sessions.  Only after we have thoroughly studied the challenges and possibilities can we combine our architectural and interior design experience with that of our engineers and other consultants to begin creating lasting solutions for our clients.  In each meeting, another layer of detail is revealed using state-of-the-art visualization tools and material samples to convey exactly what we are creating.

Whether we work with you to create a new hotel and convention center, or develop a new waterpark, or reimagine your baseball stadium concourses as we did for the Tampa Bay Rays, the journey will be inspiring, enriching, and fun – just as any hospitality experience should be.  But we can also apply our experience to a variety of other needs you may have, such as facility assessments, historic renovations, adaptive reuse, mixed-use facilities, sustainability consulting, branding, and furniture and art procurement.


The Hospitality Team is led by Gregg Golden (Milwaukee) and John Holz (Sarasota), two leaders with over 50 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry.  They are supported by an equally dedicated staff of architects and interior designers who are also passionate about hospitality design.  We invite you to follow the links on this page to learn more about the great things this team has already done across the nation, or better yet, contact Gregg or John to learn more about what PRA can do for you!