PRA Wins ASID Design Excellence Awards

Four recently-completed facilities designed by Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP (PRA) were honored by the Wisconsin Chapter of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) at the organization’s 2019 Design Excellence Awards on March 21.

Duluth Trading Company’s new headquarters in Mount Horeb, WI was given a Gold Award for the category of Office/Corporate 100,000 square feet and over. The five-story, 108,000 square foot building is designed to be an extension of Duluth Trading Company’s brand of hardworking clothes for hardworking people.

Residence by Rennes was presented a Silver Award in the Senior Living category. The 24-unit memory care community-based residential facility is an addition to an existing campus in De Pere, WI. The new addition provides a contemporary vision for the campus while supporting the Rennes Group’s level of quality care.

Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Health & Wellness Center earned a Bronze Award in the Healthcare/Medical – 100,000 square feet and over category. The 109,000 square foot facility in DeKalb, IL provides a unique combination of health and fitness in a comfortable, contemporary space.

Plum Media was presented a Bronze Award in the category of Office/Corporate 15,000 to 34,999 square feet. The project created a vibrant and eclectic new headquarters for the company in the historic, 1929 former home of the Milwaukee Casket Company.

Interior design services for these projects were provided by Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP.

Using the Greek Lifestyle as a Guide for Wellness Centers

Larry Schneider, Partner and Senior Living Planner co-presented a webinar Programming and Design for Wellness Centers for SAGE Federation on evidence-based design concepts for wellness centers. Our team of architects, designers and planners compiled the top five key take-away’s from the webinar including:

  1. Understanding Blue Zones characteristics
  2. Creating environments that promote wellness rather than care
  3. Providing wellness programming that occurs naturally
  4. Planning better use of outdoor areas for passive and active programming
  5. Lighting can dramatically increase quality of life

Wellness goes well beyond physical exercise and extends to social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, vocational and environmental well-being. We invite you to view the webinar and engage us in your next planning and design project. For more information on our Long-term Care Experience and Services contact Gregg Golden or Larry Schneider.

Scott Kramer is Appointed Managing Partner

Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP (PRA) announced that Scott A. Kramer, AIA, NCARB was appointed Managing Partner. In addition, David J. Raysich, AIA has moved from Managing Partner to Chairman of the Board.

“Dave has played a huge part in the success of our firm for the past 43 years and I’m thankful for his mentorship,” said Kramer. “The great people I get to work with, the clients, and our consulting engineers have helped make PRA my home away from home for 33 years.”

Kramer first joined PRA in 1986 and was named Partner in 2003. Last year, he was named a Senior Partner as part of a long-range leadership transition plan the firm has been following for several years. In his time with PRA, he has been involved with projects in each of the firm’s studios.

“I love the opportunities my job has given me to solve different challenges every day,” he said. “I’m honored and excited to move into the role of Managing Partner and work with our staff to keep our positive momentum going and continue to solve challenges for our clients.”

Creating Homelike Environments for Excellent Care

On a sunny afternoon, PRA joined staff members, City of De Pere Mayor Mike Walsh, City of Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, the Greater Green Bay Chamber ambassadors, and members of the community to celebrate the completion of the new facility, Residence by Rennes in De Pere, WI. The Assisted Living and Memory Care facility contains 24 units and represents the first of its type for the Rennes Group. After working with the Rennes Group for over 15 years on numerous projects across their various campuses, it was an honor to design this beautiful new facility to assist them in providing continued excellent care for all their residents.

Community Based Residential Facilities like Residence by Rennes represent a growing trend in Assisted Living facilities to provide care in a home-like environment. The facility consists of two 12-unit households, each organized around a courtyard. Each household has a communal living and dining space filled with light from the courtyards.

In addition to the new CBRF, two new entrance canopy additions, five additional RCAC units, and a therapy gym addition have been added to the campus. These additions provide additional amenities and enhanced design for current residents of the Rennes De Pere campus. These projects work together with the various buildings PRA has designed for the campus over the years to create a cohesive and welcoming environment for residents and guests.

Open Offices Lead to Open Communication

If your business requires open communication between staff, then your physical environment must respond to their communication needs.  We work in teams on the design of all of our architectural projects.  There may be five or more architects working on one project.  It is extremely important that they can easily communicate with each other, and keep in touch with other project teams.

Three years ago, we moved from an individual cubicle environment with five-foot partitions to an open environment with fewer lower partitions.  We designed three offices, two for accounting and one for the managing partner.  The remaining staff (70) including the partners are in open cubicles.  Before we moved, we surveyed our staff to see if they would be receptive to the change.  The younger staff embraced the change but older staff were skeptical.  Now that we are in the new environment for three years this is what they say about the change.

“It allows for the opportunity to see what others in the office are working on.  It is very easy to get consumed with your own studio, but the open office environment helps me to stay in tune with the rest of the studios and there designs.” Michael

“An open office environment encourages frequent communication between project team members, and creates a culture of continuous improvement.”  Anthony

“Our open office environment allows our younger staff to listen to conversations from upper level staff and provides them real on-the-job-training.”  Karen

We created huddle rooms for private conversations and larger conference rooms for group and client meetings.  Our café, once called the lunchroom, is in the middle of the office and open to the staff.  This also encourages communication between teams that are not working together.

When we show clients our office, they love it.  They can see firsthand the interaction between our staff and can envision their own staff in the new environment.  Improved communication and lesser square feet per staff member also improves the bottom line.

We are proud to say we eat our own cooking…and our clients love it!

Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP Announces Senior Partners

Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP (PRA) announced the promotion of four to the title of Senior Partner: Scott Kramer, Gregg Golden, Michael Sobczak, and Steven Kieckhafer.
“As a mentor to Scott, Michael, Gregg, and Steve, it’s been rewarding to see their personalities and architectural skills grow and blossom into leaders with our clients and staff,” said David Raysich, AIA, Managing Partner. “They have played a huge part in the firm’s success and I am excited about the firm’s future as they take on Senior Partnership roles.”

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Roof Decks Count

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) now includes balconies and roof decks in rentable square footage. BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings is approaching the first anniversary of its release, but you may be unaware of an important change that affects both building owners and tenants.  Balconies, Covered Galleries and Finished Rooftop Terraces are now included in the “Tenant Area”, previously known as the Useable Square Footage. (USF.)  For buildings with these types of amenities, this change significantly affects what is included in the Rentable Square Footage.

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Award Winning Corporate Interior Design

Perhaps contrary to popular perception, Architects are not typically driven by the prospect of winning design awards. Creating environments that meet the diverse needs of our clients is our raison d’etre, and if we happen to be recognized for achieving that goal in an artful way, we are grateful. We are also happy for our clients, because good design is a result of a collaborative effort and a lot of work for all involved. Great design involves innovation and creativity that often requires not only a shared vision, but also a profound trust between clients and designers.

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LindenGrove Communities Celebrates a New Addition to the Waukesha Campus

LindenGrove Communities invites the public to an event on Tuesday, April 10 to celebrate the grand opening of a new high-acuity Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF). The event runs from 3-6 p.m. at LindenGrove Waukesha, located at 425 N. University Drive, Waukesha, WI.

The celebration is free and open to the public and will include a ribbon cutting ceremony at 3 p.m. and tours of the facility immediately afterward. Hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, and a prize drawing will also be available to guests.

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