Renee L. Moe

AIA, EDAC | Healthcare

Growing up, Renee would sit at the breakfast table and draw home interiors on the back of cereal boxes. Her father saw this and encouraged her emerging passion by gifting her with his old architectural textbooks, so she could learn more about the practice of architecture and building design. When it came to deciding what she wanted to do for a career, it was an obvious choice that she wanted to become an architect. Today, she is a Project Manager and Principal at PRA, where she is responsible for working daily with the client, helping clients decided on specifications, and guiding her team through the drafting process.

Even though she was drawing interior designs when she was younger, she found, as a professional, she enjoys working on exterior detailing and the technical aspects of architecture the most. She feels inspired when she can take an overall concept and break it down into details that complement the whole, are aesthetically pleasing, and are functional. Throughout Renee’s career, she has come to realize that it is easy to get lost in developing complex designs that lead nowhere, so she adopted the philosophy of “simple is better.” Not only does it fast track the process, but it also enables her to provide better services and products for her clients.

In another life, Renee would be a chef but today she calls herself a “closet foodie”. She loves trying new cuisines on a weekly basis and enjoys trying new recipes at home. She believes cooking is akin to architecture, where small components can be carefully combined to create something beautiful.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) (AIA WI, Milwaukee)
Center for Health Care Design – Evidence-Based Design Accreditation (EDAC)

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Master of Architecture – University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee