Frequently Asked Questions

We know you want answers! Below is a list of frequently asked questions we have compiled to help you avoid the delay of email or the discomfort of a phone call. We hope that you find your answers here. If not, please do push ahead and ask us via our contact page.


Does PRA design houses?

No, not really. The single-family home design market is something we don’t focus on as a business. Our involvement in the residential market is in multifamily design services or senior living design.

How does PRA design work all across the nation?

We travel. A lot. The pandemic has also taught us all how to be effective using remote meeting technology, like Zoom or MS Teams. We’ve mastered the craft by sending physical finish samples ahead of time and using good meeting protocols to communicate clearly and remain productive. We have recently worked on projects in Colorado from our Sarasota, FL office, in Maine from our Milwaukee, WI office, and in Wisconsin from our Austin, TX office!

What kind of projects does PRA design?

PRA is a commercial architectural and interior design firm. We help clients in most types of commercial projects including Healthcare, Education, Senior Living, Religious, Hospitality, Multifamily Living, Civic, Corporate, Higher Education, and Interior Design. We also have extensive experience in other more special sub-types of projects such as the Design of Dental Offices and the Design of Veterinary / Animal Health Facilities. We will help on most types of projects if we believe that we can add value. Tell us what your needs are and let’s see what we can do!

Can PRA help me to get municipal approvals for a project designed by someone else?

The short answer is: YES.
The longer answer is: We need to talk. The municipal entitlement process is sometimes complex and there may be state licensing requirements that have to be evaluated. There are many subtleties that may need to be thought through to reach approval. Please do contact us if your current designer is having difficulty receiving local approvals in Florida or Wisconsin. Perhaps we can help.

Can I hire PRA Interior Designers for a project being designed by another firm?

Certainly! Our interior designers work with other architects on a regular basis. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Can I hire PRA to provide design services and allow my own design firm to finish the project?

Yes. We have architects with the experience to help other firms win in many types of projects. We have provided predesign, schematic design, and design development services to other firms that wish to pursue a particular project but may lack the project portfolio to win on their own. We love to help! Contact us to discuss your situation.

Does PRA have paper drawings for a project done sometime in the past?

Uhhhmmmm. It’s not likely if the project is older than 2000. We submitted most of our paper archives to the Wisconsin Architectural Archives a long while ago. The Milwaukee County Historical Society also has information for PRA projects. The archivist at either are very good to work with.

PRA may have electronic files including various CADD files that may be useful. Those projects started in the late 1990’s. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Will PRA team with my design firm and provide me with Architect-of-Record services?

Yes. We have local relationships that may help you and the experience to provide “local architectural” services if you are pursuing a project near one of our offices. We’ve done this for decades. Contact us to discuss your situation.

Can I hire PRA to look after my construction contracts?

Yes, PRA often teams with remote architects or engineers to provide limited services. We are happy to provide modified construction administration services for projects we did not design. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Do you have a list of general contractors that have pulled plans for a project?

Typically, we do not have that information handy. It is often available through the various plan houses or others who are distributing bid sets. If contacting them does not work, then please review the project manual for the name of the architectural project manager at PRA and contact that person directly.

Is PRA interested in receiving my Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ)?

Yes! Please send the information to Mike Bahr.

This is the end of our frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if the question you have is not answered in this FAQ. You can use our general contact page or find someone more specific by reviewing and filtering the People of PRA.