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Dr. Melissa Thompson Talks Education Strategy

Insights from the Director of Education Strategy on Budget Constraints, Staffing Shortages, and Technological Advancements in Learning Environments

Director of Education Strategy, Dr. Melissa Thompson, was recently featured in the Education Market Association’s (EdMarket) Essentials publication, to discuss the status of Education.

Educators, Dr. Thompson highlights, are grappling with budget constraints, staffing shortages, and the rapid evolution of technology. Budget constraints and funding issues prevent updates to learning spaces and furniture purchases, despite their positive impact on learning. Additionally, the scarcity of certified staff has exacerbated staff shortages caused by increased class sizes. Dr. Thomspon discusses how embracing technological advancements could lighten workload pressures and enhance learning opportunities. Utilizing new technology, well-designed projects, and strategic space layout, Dr. Thompson states, can increase student engagement, foster feelings of safety and security, and enable staff to implement instructional best practices. 

Dr. Thompson also discusses the benefits of EdMarket, and how they provide educators with the chance to stay abreast of current research and new products to assist clients in finding the best solutions to their needs. She also discusses the importance of engaging in networking and professional development opportunities, both resources EdMarket provides.

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