Jedd Heap


“Architecture design ebbs and flows throughout the duration of a project from initial conversation to physical construction. It is subject to change, bringing on unique challenges and opportunities to develop into a better design.”

In high school, Jedd unknowingly took his first step toward architecture by taking his first fine art and drafting classes. Learning about physical and digital art, he soon found a harmony between computers and art where he meshed his two skills together. Ever since, Jedd has invested himself in the architecture industry.

Now as an Associate and Project Manager, Jedd is known for being “the man who wears many hats” in PRA’s Sarasota office. From professional networking to designing and producing documents, Jedd is driven to exceed client expectations. He particularly has passion for design as it filters throughout the entire process, managing a project from inception through construction enables Jedd to ensure the project’s design integrity is maintained.

Jedd has experience in all of PRA’s studios and finds inspiration by understanding and learning his client’s daily operations and how their spaces need to act in order to help them efficiently and effectively move about their day. After understanding the client’s needs, Jedd takes the opportunity to help bring their ideas to fruition.

When Jedd is not working on projects, he enjoys traveling with his family and experiencing great works of Architecture. He enjoys volunteering with his wife and daughter at local non-profits and sharpening his photography skills.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) (AIA FL, Gulf Coast)
Contractors, Closers & Connections (CCC) (CCC Tampa)
Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance (LWRBA)
Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC)
The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce (Visit)
The Manatee Chamber of Commerce (Visit)
U.S. Green Building Council, Wisconsin (USGBC) (USGBC FL, Gulf Coast)

Bachelor in Architectural Design – University of Florida
Masters of Architecture – University of South Florida