Rijul Solanki


Rijul’s curiosity in architectural design began when she was a teenager. She was fascinated by large scale buildings and what it takes to design something so prominent. Over time she dove into what makes up buildings, and how she could potentially make an impact on creating unique structures on the world’s skyline through architecture.

Today Rijul is a Project Specialist for the Sarasota Design Office in the Church Design studio. Rijul chose PRA from the variety of projects and established studios allowing her the opportunity to work on a wide range of project types. The PRA mentorship program and values seamlessly align with Rijul’s career goals and is motivated more than ever to achieve her license and grow professionally in her career.

Fun Facts: Rijul loves to dance and is an animal lover. She has two dogs and two cats, and also has several pet birds at her home in India!

Bachelor of Architecture – Pune University, India
Master of Architecture – North Carolina State University