780 Bergamot Apartments Exterior with Pond
Sarasota, FL
Provided architectural design services for a 2-story, 99,000 sq. ft. residential community.
External Team:

Bergamot on 780 Apartments

Sarasota, FL

The Bergamot on 780 Apartments project stemmed from a long-standing relationship with the Gallina Companies. In this project, The Gallina Companies engaged PRA to provide multifamily design services for a new, 99,000-square-foot apartment community in a commercial area in Sarasota, Florida lacking in quality apartment options. Together, PRA and the Gallina Companies were able to actualize the client’s vision of creating an “oasis” apartment community.

The inspiration for this multifamily design was to provide coastal-maritime walk-up townhomes, promoting a “true residence” experience versus the typical hallways and units of apartment complexes. The building was intentionally placed around a pond, which serves as a central “oasis” for residents, and acts as a sound buffer from nearby roads, creating a relaxing living environment.

Modern amenities include outdoor walking paths, a pool and pool house with a patio for entertaining, and a dog washing station. Together, the narrowed pedestrian scale, coastal-inspired architecture, and town-like units draw potential residents into the community and give them the feel of home.