Mukwonago, WI
Provided architectural and interior design services for a new 3,100 sq. ft. credit union
External Team:

Educators Credit Union

Mukwonago, WI

The design concept for the new branch for Educators Credit Union in Mukwonago is the result of an extensive design process that included many stakeholders. The design reflects Educators Credit Union’s trademark red color, flower logo and the brick used in its previous buildings. The design also was driven by the integration of new video remote teller and providing a setting for Educators’ trademark hospitality.
To meet these goals, the plan of the building is divided into two parts: the member space and staff offices. The first part of the building is the central member space which includes the main transaction area and a hospitality space for members that is filled with natural light. The second part of the building integrates support spaces, including offices, a conference room, toilets, and the mechanical room.

The interactive teller machines are located at the back wall forming a focal point. The teller machine spaces are design as semi-enclosed booths to protect individual privacy and allows members to complete their transactions via video. For user convenience, built-in trash cans and purse shelves are adjacent to the booths. Separating the transaction area is a curved screen wall. The wall incorporates an informal meeting area, coin machine, an interactive flat screen, and a counter for hospitality components. On the opposite side of the screen, is an area dedicated to hospitality. Comfortable seating focused on a fireplace featuring Educators red brick and artwork featuring a map of Mukwonago provides a relaxing place to wait and linger near a private conference room.