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2017 ASID WI Awards Corporate Interior Design

The PRA Corporate Design Studio strives to balance effective yet fun workplace environments.

Perhaps contrary to popular perception, Architects are not typically driven by the prospect of winning design awards. Creating environments that meet the diverse needs of our clients is our raison d’etre, and if we happen to be recognized for achieving that goal in an artful way, we are grateful. We are also happy for our clients because good design is a result of a collaborative effort and a lot of work for all involved. Great design involves innovation and creativity that often requires not only a shared vision but also a profound trust between clients and designers.

It is for those reasons that the PRA Corporate Design Team is so proud of two recent awards from the American Society of Interior Design (ASID / ASID WI). Bader Rutter received a Gold Award (35-100,00 sf category) for their new headquarters at the 1433 N. Water building in Milwaukee, and Traction Factory received a Bronze Award (Under 15,000 sf category) for their new office, also in Milwaukee. Both of these advertising agencies were striving for state-of-the-art work environments in which to collaborate, focus, learn, and socialize – the four pillars of modern office design – and both were recognized by the design industry for excellence in achieving these goals. The resulting rewards for their employees and their businesses will pay dividends long after the trophy is forgotten.