Bayside Pet Resort Exterior Dusk

Bayside Pet Resort

Sarasota, FL

Bayside Pet Resort engaged PRA to provide feedback on the interior finishes in their original facility prior to this project. At the time they were in no need of an architect. Sometime later, Bayside Pet Resort reconnected with PRA to design a prototype facility in their Sarasota location intending to replicate it at their other locations in southwest Florida. The goals determined by the client were to create a more affordable, updated, and elevated pet resort experience with contemporary design to incorporate their branding throughout the facility. The project site is in a newly developed mixed-use/residential area in Sarasota. The building itself is seated along a major highway providing a strong visibility opportunity to attract business.

The new Bayside Pet Resort provides elevated care for pets with amenities of a shaded courtyard with a pool to stay cool and relax outdoors, and a shaded play area to stimulate the dogs. Also, indoor/outdoor dog kennels, cat kennels that open to a playroom to spur curiosity, and pet grooming services.
Acoustical wood ceilings are incorporated for sound absorption, and epoxy flooring was placed in the kennels to aid in durability. Established brand guidelines inspired the colors and finish choices throughout the facility. Artificial turf was installed in the courtyard and outdoor play area. The outdoor play area is visible to the highway and uniquely angled shades boost attention from the highway. Daylighting is implemented throughout the facility to promote wellness among staff and pets.

The owner requested that a large window facing out to the courtyard be placed behind the check-in desk to allow guests to be “greeted by dogs” upon entry. Another request was to place cameras in each kennel, along with wiring for a TV in each kennel for the dogs, and a room TV for the cats for owners to stay connected when apart.

Bayside Pet Resort provides an elevated resort experience for your furry friend. This prototype location serves as an example of the future look of the organization and other locations throughout southwest Florida.