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Madison Fire Station No 12. at night, providing a beacon of safety and security for the City of Madison, Wisconsin
Madison, WI
Provided architectural design services for Madison’s Fire Station No. 11 (12,700 sq. ft.) and Madison’s Fire Station No. 12 (13,535 sq. ft.)

Madison Fire Department

Madison, WI

The City of Madison retained PRA to design two new, environmentally sustainable fire stations, Madison Fire Station No. 11 and No. 12.

Fire Station No. 11 is 12,700 sq. ft. and contains living space for ten firefighters as well as two office spaces for officers.  It also has a full kitchen and dining area, laundry, exercise room and a rest and relaxation room. Police and EMS personnel also have separate support spaces for their use. A room in the station is available to the surrounding community for functions outside of the fire department, and includes teleconferencing capabilities.

Fire Station No. 12 is 13,535 sq. ft. and contains living space for eight firefighters and three officers’ quarters. Similar to the prototypical Madison Fire Station No. 11, it has a full kitchen and dining area, community room, and exercise room, as well as an outdoor terrace. In the community room visitors can meet for tours of the station and learn more about sustainable design. Madison Fire Station No. 12 was one of two LEED Platinum certified facilities in the world when completed.