Depere, WI
Provided master planning and architectural design services for a variety of additions and renovations

Residence by Rennes

Depere, WI

The existing Health Center on the Rennes Group DePere Campus was in need of updating and sought a design partner to help convert their existing medical model into a more “home-like” environment. PRA was tasked with developing a master plan for their campus that resulted in various additions and expansions to their facility. The design team was also challenged to accomplish these additions on a very tight site.

In the first phase of renovations, a 20-bed skilled nursing facility (SNF) with all private units and a therapy addition was built, allowing the facility to expand its in-patient and out-patient therapy services. In 2018, the 75-unit residential care apartment complex underwent upgrades. The team designed a 10,600 sq. ft. addition to address the need for larger, two-bedroom apartments and additional amenity space. The addition includes five new two-bedroom units, as well as a fitness room, multi-purpose room, laundry room, and parlor. A new elevator and connector corridor help make these amenities more accessible to the existing residents.

Alongside the existing 122-bed skilled nursing facility (SNF) and 75-unit residential care apartment complex (RCAC), a 21,800 sq. ft. community-based residential facility (CBRF) was added. The facility is divided into two, 12-unit households, each with its own resident-friendly kitchen, open-concept living and dining room, and den. A central courtyard in each household allows plenty of natural light into the living spaces and corridors while providing residents with a secure outdoor area to sit or garden. Residents each reside in their own private, 320 sq. ft. studio unit with a full bathroom.

The facility today addresses the needs of its residents and community by providing a variety of services. From the SNF, RCAC, and CBRF a “home-like” environment was accomplished through interior finishes and furnishings and the layout of the building.