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Holy Family Catholic Community Sanctuary Exterior in Woodruff, WI

Holy Family Catholic Community

Woodruff, WI

PRA, in collaboration with the Holy Family Catholic Community, designed a beautiful 48,000 sq. ft. building that wraps around a cluster of tall pine trees signifying the spiritual heart of the site. The building can accommodate close to 900 individuals with the capability to expand, via a moveable wall, during the summer visitor months.

A Gathering space and Colonnade connects the parishioners to a library, conference rooms and parish offices while affording breathtaking views of the naturally preserved thirty-acre site. In addition, a ceremonial staircase brings parishioners to the lower level religious education facility, which consists of several classrooms, offices and youth rooms. Outside the building, prayer paths and nature trails meander among the trees, courtyards and outdoor worship space providing a warm welcome space where parishioners can gather and enjoy the tranquility of their “Northwood’s” sanctuary.


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