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School District of Lodi - Primary School Exterior

School District of Lodi

Lodi, WI

The School District of Lodi engaged PRA to lead master planning and pre-referendum services, leading to a new primary school. The design of the school is inspired by the Ice Age Trail and Wisconsin’s glacially-defined landscape. The Ice Age Trail runs directly through the city of Lodi and many of Wisconsin’s most famous geologically-rich state parks exist within 25 miles.

The building takes on its formation the same way glaciers created the geological landmarks of the area. As glacial sheets were diverted into lobes as they expanded into the Midwest. Moraines developed around the highlands and show the greatest extent of glacial travel of these lobes, leaving behind landmarks of geological significance. Similarly, the building is formed by the “Classroom Lobe,” the “Specials Lobe,” and the “Administrative Lobe.” As all of these pieces slide together, they shape the form of the building, similar to the moraines at the end of glacial travel. As students and staff enter the building, the central core of the building gives a nod to nature, as ramps and steps are incorporated throughout the building to mimic paths that wind through the Ice Age Trail. View corridors are also created throughout the building, similar to views defined along the trails.

Materiality, both within the building and on the exterior of the building, will reflect materials or colors found within the natural landscape of Wisconsin and Lodi through the use of naturally-colored face brick, precast concrete, and stone.