Architectural Design

Modern healthcare architecture combines aspects of institutional branding, hospitality design, and the technical aspects of modern healthcare spaces

At PRA, the architectural design process extends far beyond the typical process used by other architects. We embed ourselves in the client environment and intimately learn their business like it was our own. We listen to stories so that we may design space that propels their organization forward while inspiring staff and visitors. We strive to provide individualized services that innovate client processes and improve outcomes. As a result, we deliver excellence that propels our clients and the communities they serve to succeed.

Mike Bahr, AIA

Architectural design refers to the process of creating and shaping the physical aspects of our world. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines art, science, and technology to create functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Architectural design involves a comprehensive approach, taking into account many competing factors and coordinating the work of many special professionals.

Architectural design typically begins with a thorough analysis of the client’s needs for the project – typically referred to as the Schematic Design phase (SD). During SD our team conducts extensive and immersive research to develop a building program to describe the project’s goals and constraints. We use that to generate multiple spatial arrangements and architectural styles. We refine ideas into a selected design through many consultations with stakeholders.

Architectural design includes many phases of work. During the Design Development and Construction Documents phase (DD and CD), our architects focus on refining the chosen concept and developing detailed plans, elevations, sections, and specifications in increasing levels of detail, so that the contractors understand how to build the project. We collaborate with engineers, contractors (or construction managers), and other specialists to ensure that the design meets structural, mechanical, electrical, and other safety requirements.

Our architectural design process is not limited to individual buildings; it also extends to urban planning, landscape design, and interior design. We believe we play a crucial role in shaping cities and improving communities. All of our projects strive to integrate smart ideas about land use, transportation, and even social dynamics to create cohesive and livable environments.

Architectural design is a creative and technical process that combines art, science, and engineering principles to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable structures. It involves a holistic approach that considers various aspects of design, resulting in the transformation of ideas into physical spaces that enhance the lives of individuals and communities.