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Using the Greek Lifestyle as a Guide for Wellness Centers

Larry Schneider, Partner and Senior Living Planner co-presented a webinar Programming and Design for Wellness Centers for SAGE Federation on evidence-based design concepts for wellness centers. Our team of architects, designers and planners compiled the top five key take-away’s from the webinar including:

  1. Understanding Blue Zones characteristics
  2. Creating environments that promote wellness rather than care
  3. Providing wellness programming that occurs naturally
  4. Planning better use of outdoor areas for passive and active programming
  5. Lighting can dramatically increase quality of life

Wellness goes well beyond physical exercise and extends to social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, vocational and environmental well-being. We invite you to view the webinar and engage us in your next planning and design project. For more information on our Long-term Care Experience and Services contact Gregg Golden or Larry Schneider.