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Burlington Area School District, Karcher Middle School Entrance and Exterior

Burlington Area School District – Karcher Middle School

The Burlington Area School District needed to update its aging middle school facility. PRA was challenged to provide modern learning spaces on the existing site without disrupting regular academic functions. The resulting project includes new construction as well as major renovations to the existing middle school. The Karcher Middle School supports 600 students with expansion capabilities for up to 800 students.

The design uses the existing topography of the school site to its advantage providing a second-floor entrance with a dramatic view overlooking the student commons, which serves as the heart of the school. Clerestory windows provide an abundance of daylight to the commons area and all interior rooms. Building flexibility and collaborative learning spaces were key project drivers for the school district. The commons area is connected to the library and student resource center, allowing far increased flexibility and future growth. Adaptable learning spaces are incorporated into art rooms, science labs, and classrooms and allow students to easily collaborate and share.

The school is currently under construction and is on schedule to be completed in April 2021.