Stevens Point, WI
Provided architectural design services for a 133,561 square foot new headquarters.
External Team:

Delta Dental of Wisconsin

Stevens Point, WI

With the design of their new 133,560 sf. corporate headquarters, Delta Dental of Wisconsin sought to foster employee engagement, drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and attract and retain employees who have several excellent alternatives in the area, including opportunities to work from home.

The solution begins with the unique floor plan, consisting of a typical 100’ wide floor plate split in half and curled away from a central gathering space.  The metal-clad upper levels appear to float above the plinth of local limestone, evoking the forward-looking philosophy of the company while subtly acknowledging the Prairie School heritage of Wisconsin.

On the interior, the design team drew inspiration from the hospitality industry to create the feeling of home away from home. These workplace enhancements include on-site meals, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, training rooms, outdoor balconies to escape the office, and comfortable workspaces for inspired thinking, collaboration, and independent work.

Today, the building is the heart of a transformed culture for Delta Dental of Wisconsin.  Employees now have all of the tools they need to better serve their clients in an environment designed for their health and wellness.  The new Delta Dental of Wisconsin headquarters proves that with a carefully designed building, organizations can implement positive changes to help their employees be happier, healthier, and more productive, thus better able to serve the clients who depend on them.