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Delta Dental of Wisconsin

Stevens Point, WI

With the design of their new 133,560 sf. corporate headquarters, Delta Dental of Wisconsin sought to foster employee engagement, drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and attract and retain employees who have several excellent alternatives in the area, including opportunities to work from home.

The solution begins with the unique floor plan, consisting of a typical 100’ wide floor plate split in half and curled away from a glass-enclosed central atrium.  The metal-clad upper levels appear to float above the plinth of local limestone, evoking the forward-looking philosophy of the company while subtly acknowledging the Prairie School heritage of Wisconsin.

On the interior, the design team drew inspiration from the hospitality industry to create the feeling of home while providing luxury hotel-level amenities. These include a full service kitchen offering diverse meal selections, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, a training facility, fitness center, multiple outdoor balconies to escape the office, and comfortable workspaces for inspired thinking, collaboration, and independent work.  There’s even a 20’ wide, 3 story tall stone fireplace in the central atrium.

The concept of a “modern lodge” was used throughout the design process, which inspired the use of wood, stone, terrazzo, and carpet throughout the building.  This is immediately evident as you enter the building.  The three-story atrium creates an uplifting, daylit space with views of the meticulously landscaped grounds.  Break areas overlooking the atrium next to a grand staircase and two bridges crossing the space offer opportunities for chance interactions and promote wellness for Delta Dental employees. Beyond the atrium, low-walled open workspaces with abundant views and daylight are designed to encourage employee collaboration and social interaction.  Large graphic wallcoverings featuring abstract natural scenes from around Wisconsin are placed throughout to enhance the connection to nature and support the modern lodge concept.

Today, the atrium is the heart of a transformed culture for Delta Dental of Wisconsin.  Throughout the day employees can be seen working alone, collaborating with others, or just enjoying a meal or a healthy snack.  Even at the beginning and end of each day, employees crisscross the atrium to reach one of two parking areas strategically placed at each end of the building to minimize visibility from the office areas, or to meet friends in the game room or enjoy a work-out in the Fitness Center.  The new Delta Dental headquarters proves that a carefully designed building can be a destination of choice for employees. 


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