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Florida Heart Associates, Cardiac Catherization Lab

Florida Heart Associates engaged PRA to renovate the existing Cardiac Catheterization Lab and support spaces to improve the suite’s overall efficiency and state-of-the-art performance.  Technology was upgraded throughout the lab and neighboring support spaces to meet AHCA requirements for future expansion of the suite. To facilitate best continued operations, a rigorous effort was provided to coordinate the construction sequence to minimize shut down of the suite and services to a matter of weeks. 

PRA worked closely with the medical equipment vendor as well as the engineering and construction teams to design the requirements of the interstitial spaces to minimize conflicts with existing structure, utilities, and new equipment. Equipment and interior finishes were upgraded to new set standards for branding this suite for a future ASC building addition.

Florida Heart Associates also wanted space that were flexible and could support many types of procedures, so we designed and implemented dedicated spaces with the ability to transition between pre and post operations for patient care. The control room will also be situated between two procedure rooms so they can watch each space and collaborate.

The facility’s mechanical and electrical systems were retrofitted not only to serve the equipment updates but also to prepare the suite for AHCA requirements for the future ASC expansion.


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