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School Design

Poynette School District Elementary School Exterior And Entrance
Poynette, WI
Provided facility Study, master planning, and architectural design services for a new 89,000 sq. ft. elementary school
External Team:

Poynette School District

Poynette, WI

With a student population of 1,500, ranging from early childhood to twelfth grade, the Poynette School District sought an architect to help evaluate their three schools. PRA joined their team to develop a master plan for each building.

The resulting plan splits the combined elementary / middle school and provides a new stand-alone elementary school. The middle school expands into the prior elementary spaces and renovates them for modern learning spaces, and provides new program areas including a dedicated STEM center and opportunities for peer-based collaborative learning. The high school renovations provide a secure entrance and STEM center and expands the library for additional student resources and collaborative work areas to enhance student interaction.

Previously, students would travel between buildings for classes requiring limited resources. The projects now provide new resources within each building, limiting the amount of traffic between buildings.