Construction Administration

Full architectural services include Construction Administration, including observing progress on the project site

Construction Administration involves layers of management, as construction remains one part science and one part art. The skilled craftsman on the construction site must interpret our construction documents to physically create something which has never before existed. We act as the eyes and ears of the client, helping translate our design from the drawings and scrutinizing the work as it is put in place.

Jason Puestow, AIA

Many people may be surprised to learn there is a large amount of construction-related architectural reviews and coordination that happens away from the construction site. “Architectural Construction Administration” involves a huge amount of checks and balances, highly organized communication, and sometimes a high level of diplomacy to ensure the entire construction team achieves the client’s vision.

Construction administration plays a crucial role in the success of every project. A professional architectural approach to construction administration provides:

  • A bridge between design and construction, ensuring the design and client vision is accurately achieved.
  • Proactive and managed communication among project stakeholders, maintaining the tempo of the construction process.
  • Meticulous oversight, documentation, and quality control to minimize client risk.

Construction administration serves as a vital link between the design phase and the physical construction, ensuring that the construction aligns with the intended design intent and meets your requirements. Effective communication and collaboration among all stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, foster a collaborative environment that promotes efficiency, minimizes conflict, and allows for smooth coordination.

Meticulous oversight is crucial during construction administration. Regular architect and engineer site visits allow us to monitor the construction progress, inspect workmanship, and promptly address issues. The regular cadence of site visits allows us to assess the pace of construction, identify quality issues, and help resolve issues. These visits are vitally important to ensure we can protect client interests and minimize risk.

Comprehensive documentation is a major factor in architectural construction administration. There is a surprising amount of paperwork! We review and approve submittals, such as sub-contractor shop drawings and material samples, to ensure compliance with design intent and your expectations. Additionally, we review (and arbitrate) contractor requests for change orders, issue supplemental instructions in response to questions, review and approve contractor applications for payment, and review contractor schedules to make sure there is a clear path to project completion.

We provide regular construction administration reports and online access for each client to see, in real-time, the communication and coordinating activities. Maintaining a well-organized record of the construction process fosters transparency and ensures accountability throughout the entire team. A comprehensive approach to construction administration protects client interests and helps to ensure the best outcomes.