What’s wrong with this picture?

Designing buildings for clients who intend to own and occupy them has some advantages, including the ability to incorporate features that cost more initially, but pay for themselves over a short period of time. One such feature is the raised floor, which is an elevated floor of removable panels built above the structural floor. + Read more

Bringing the Outside In

Architects are always looking for a fresh idea to wow their clients.  When we found one that involved bringing fresh air into the workplace, we knew we had a winning combination.  The idea involves designing the typical small department break area so that it can be opened to the outside, allowing employees the rare opportunity to literally step outside while remaining near their desk – even if it’s on an upper floor of the building.  + Read more

Building a Brand

Architecture in its highest form transcends the merely functional – it can be inspirational and awe inspiring. It can also say things about a company that would be too difficult to express with words. That was the goal of our recent design for the headquarters of a confidential client. Many of the materials and forms speak to the muscular products this company is known for, + Read more