Video Interview: On Being an Architect

Larry Schneider and Nick Kent interview with Alpha Pro on what it means to be an architect and how to become one

Larry Schneider and Nicholas Kent discuss life as an architect

In May 2021, our Milwaukee Design Office had the pleasure of hosting Dan Wein, a friend and valued collaborator from AlphaDigitalPro, who expressed a genuine interest in the life of an architect and comparing notes about the challenges of building a resilient design firm. Dan, Larry, and Nick, shared 3/4 of an hour in relaxed conversation. And, maybe a profound thought or two crept into the conversation. The recorded dialogue touched on aspects that truly define the essence of being an architect, particularly the creativity and gratification that comes from helping clients achieve their visions.

The conversation touched on many subjects, including the challenges of designing for both K-12 education projects and senior living communities. Additional topics included the challenges of running a firm, finding the strategies that grow a creative business, and a variety of related topics. We discovered similarities between our thriving architectural design practice and the rapid expansion experienced by AlphaDigitalPro, an advertising and branding company.

The life of an architect encompasses a myriad of joys and challenges. The pursuit of architecture demands profound dedication. Architects are not merely creators; we are trusted by clients to achieve their goals. And their vision. This process requires a balance of artistic flair, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of the client’s operations.

Every day in the life of an architect, we each have an opportunity to develop ideas into physical and tangible forms. The act of transforming ideas into sketches, sketches into blueprints, and those into physical reality gives us immense satisfaction. However, this path is not without challenges. The architect must navigate complex approval processes, work within budgetary constraints, and successfully collaborate with a diverse array of professionals.

The joys and challenges of living a life focused on architecture are manyfold! Listen and learn, below!