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Fresh look. Same promise, focus and commitment

Earlier this year, our management team and advisory board members opened a discussion on innovation and how it relates to our brand. Are our branding materials, including both our website and logo, reflective of our business? Do they complement our commitment to innovative design? Is our brand adapting? Are we innovating?

It became clear that a new website and logo were necessary. With exciting new projects and clients, we are in a growth mode, and we are performing design services in multiple states, from Michigan to Florida. We, as both a business and a brand, needed to innovate.

We began meeting regularly, partnering with our internal client relations staff and Versant, a full-service branding agency, to develop options for the new logo and discuss how to differentiate our new website in a crowded marketplace. Six months later, a new logo was chosen, and wireframes for the new website were created.

Our new website includes a feature unique to our industry – an interactive, live chat. Anyone with a question relating to architecture or interior design can visit our website, submit a question via live chat and receive a response in less than 24 hours.

And while this new feature complements our commitment to innovative design, our new logo honors our heritage. The green triangle is adapted and modified from our previous logo and serves as a cornerstone as we move into the future.

Today, we’re excited to announce the completion of the new website and the launch of our new logo.

Thank you for your continued supported of PRA; we sincerely appreciate it.