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Goals of Tenant Improvement Projects

Modern conference spaces can include a variety of furniture, and serve to express the corporate identify as shown in this photo for a consumer bank branch office in Madison, Wisconsin

As problem solvers, people come to PRA for one of three reasons:

1. Create more space.
2. Improve existing space.
3. Align the space to a brand.

The first step is to determine how much space you need. This is established by reviewing existing space and how it is used. Are all office and conference rooms being utilized on a continuous basis? Does the business require an open office for collaboration, or a more private arrangement for focused work?

Once the amount of space is determined, we evaluate how we can improve the existing space. There are often opportunities within the existing space to rearrange people or furniture to create a more useful layout. We often perform a test fit to help the client determine the best layout for the space to optimize efficiency.

Every organization has a brand. It is important that the brand is reflected in the people, the business and the space. The employee experience is just as important as the customer experience. We collaborate with our clients to design a space that encourages growth and productivity in employees, and showcases the business to customers and visitors. The end result should be a source of pride for the employer, employees and customers.

If you have a need to improve your space or have a client that needs guidance, contact us.