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Golden To Aid During Disasters

Gregg Golden PRA Office of Emergency Services Wisconsin Nametag

In an effort to give back to his community, our own Gregg Golden, AIA is now certified to offer aid during disasters. This unique certification is offered through the AIA WI using the State of California Office of Emergency Services Safety Assessment Program. Mr. Golden is now a duly certified Disaster Service Worker and will be assigned essential Emergency Duties during times of Disaster or State of Emergency. 

Volunteers participating in the State of California Safety Assessment Program may be asked to perform various tasks while providing aid during disasters. The primary role of volunteers such as Mr. Golden is to conduct rapid safety assessments of buildings and infrastructure following a disaster event. These assessments help determine if damaged structures are safe for occupancy or require further evaluation or repair. Mr. Golden may be asked to:

  • Perform Safety Assessments: Volunteers may be assigned to evaluate the safety of buildings, such as homes, schools, hospitals, and commercial structures. They will examine structural integrity, and potential hazards, and assess the level of damage caused by the disaster.
  • Create Documentation: Volunteers will use standardized assessment forms to document their assessments. This includes recording important information about the structure, its safety rating, and any immediate actions required.
  • Perform Tagging: Based on their assessment, volunteers may be asked to tag buildings with color-coded placards to indicate their safety status. These placards typically use the “Red, Yellow, Green” system, with red indicating unsafe structures, yellow for restricted entry, and green for safe occupancy.
  • Collect Data: Volunteers may be responsible for collecting and reporting data on the number of buildings assessed, their safety ratings, and the extent of damage observed. This information is crucial for disaster response and recovery planning.
  • Collaborate: Volunteers may work in teams alongside other professionals, such as architects, engineers, and building inspectors, to collectively assess the safety of structures. They may collaborate with local emergency management personnel and other stakeholders involved in the disaster response efforts.
  • Educate Others: Volunteers may also play a role in educating the public about safety measures, and disaster preparedness, and providing information on available resources and assistance programs.

We are hopeful his service will never be needed ……but know he will be ready if called upon.