The Rise of Telemedicine: Impacts on Healthcare Planning

The rise in telemedicine offerings will have a lasting impact on Healthcare Planning and Design.

How will the rise in telemedicine impact healthcare facilities?

COVID-19 has accelerated the access and prevalence of virtual healthcare platforms. Once thought of as a future technology, telemedicine has quickly become part of a “new normal” that providers and patients must navigate. What response should healthcare planning have to this new reality? What should be considered when a portion of the patient volume is diverted to these virtual options? How can we design facilities to best accommodate the rise in these services?

Who may benefit from learning more?

This topic is relevant to a wide range of individuals involved in healthcare, including:

  • Healthcare administrators and executives: Those responsible for managing healthcare facilities and systems may wish to seek insights into the impact of telemedicine on planning considerations and program needs to effectively integrate these services into existing healthcare infrastructure.
  • Healthcare providers: Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals may wish to learn about the potential benefits and limitations of telemedicine. They may wish to further understand the types of appointments that are suitable for virtual care, and how telemedicine affects workflows, staffing, and the overall patient experience.
  • Health policymakers and regulators: Those involved in healthcare policy may wish to gain insights into the accelerated adoption of telemedicine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Importantly, they may consider the potential cost savings and the need for consistent adoption by Medicare and private insurance providers with support for standard reimbursement.
  • Healthcare facilities managers: Professionals involved in the management of healthcare facilities may wish to learn about space needs to support telemedicine services, including the importance of creating a suitable environment for virtual encounters, including lighting, acoustics, privacy, and technology infrastructure.

Explore the impact of telemedicine

PRA Healthcare Architect and Senior Associate Michael Schaefer shares his thoughts in this new PRA Whitepaper. He explores the increase in usage of telemedicine, provides several considerations when planning healthcare facilities, and highlights some best practices for effective implementation.